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Tuition and fees


We know. We care. We are here for you.
At Nexus University, we know how important is for you to pursue your goal of higher education, to fulfill your dreams while working fulltime. Sometimes it is overwhelming to think about university tuition!
However, at Nexus University, we worked diligently to find the best alternatives just for you.
Are we a good fit?
We not only have affordable tuition, we also offer career scholarships that you can apply to receive a 20% tuition reduction.
PROGRAMSDurationCreditsTuition Per CreditTOTAL TUITION
MBA - Masters of Business Administration3 Semesters39$334.00$13,026.00
BS - Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics10 Semesters120$200.00$24,000.00
BS - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Spanish)10 Semesters120$200.00$24,000.00
MSN - Master of Science in Nursing5 Semesters36$500.00$18,000.00
RN to BSN3 Semesters36$250.00$9,000.00
* Tuition costs listed above only applies for Florida Residents.
* 20% Tuition Reduction Scholarships only applies for Florida Residents.
Additional Fees:
Application Fee (One Time Non-Refundable)$25.00
Technology Fee (Per Semester)$100.00
Transcript (First transcript is provided free of charge)$15.00
Graduation Fee$50.00
Returned check Fee$40.00
Late Add$25.00
Additional Costs:
Required textbook (course syllabi include the textbooks title, author, publisher and ISBN).
Students may secure the required textbook from any source.
Students who do not honor the terms of their financial agreement may be reported to credit bureaus. In addition, students will be restricted from using resources at Nexus University, registering for future classes, and obtaining official transcripts until financial obligations are resolved.


PROGRAMSDurationCreditsTuition Per CreditTOTAL TUITION
MBA - Masters of Business Administration3 Semesters39$668.00$26,052.00
BS - Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics10 Semesters120$400.00$48,000.00
BS - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Spanish)10 Semesters120$400.00$48,000.00
* Additional fees applies based on Florida Residents details above.
Financial information made EASIER!
Below find interest free options to assist with your tuition.
1. Tuition Financing
Nexus University has partnered with TFC Tuition Financing to provide the students an alternative to pay for tuition.
TFC Tuition Financing has available:
* Online Student Portal
* Multiple Payment Options
* Bilingual Customer Service
* Live-counselors answering incoming calls
2. Cash Plan
This plan allows students to pay directly to Nexus University using e-check, credit cards/debit cards or other direct forms.
3. Scholarships
The University will accept external scholarships as regular payment. Nexus University have various career scholarships availble for students, including one (1) full-ride scholarship per program per year.
4. Employment Assistance
Nexus University will work with you. Please check with your employer if they offer educational benefits to support tuition payments.
5. Business Partnerships
Nexus University makes it even simplier. Let us know if your employer may be interested in partnering with Nexus University. As part of this business relationship, we extend scholarships for employee recognition programs, as well as additional benefits for their employees.
6. Military Benefits
Thank you for your service. Students can use their military benefits to pay for school as soon as the University establishes an agreement with the relevant authorities.