Nexus University


Welcome to Nexus University

Nexus University serves individuals who are looking to expand their knowledge and advance their careers through a Higher Education degree. Nexus University was founded on the premise that the value of a degree lies not only in the personal satisfaction of earning the credential itself but in the professional growth and sense of achievement that comes with mastering a rigorous curriculum based on practical knowledge and real-world experience.
Working students are busy people. Nexus University recognizes those needs and has built-in maximum flexibility in its learning model, combing an effective mix of on-campus and on-line coursework, to meet your scheduling.

Our Approach

Competent Practitioners use evidence-based practices to support decisions and improve employer outcomes. The use of current in-field technology, the ability to conduct research and interpret data, the application of critical thinking skills in a dynamic environment and the proficient use of effective communication to collaborate with colleagues are critical components to a Nexus University education.
Our Faculty serve the role of experienced and trusted advisors. As you move through your program of study, you will identify your learning goals and measures of success. Our small cohort format gives students the individualized attention and support needed to feel confident that each student can take his or her education to the next level.

The Nexus Network

Nexus University is about connections. We value an institutional culture that supports working students and respect the contribution that professional students bring to the University, its programs and to fellow students.
We pride ourselves on being an active member of our community. Our Faculty are seasoned professionals bringing practical knowledge and experience. Our strategic community partnerships allow us to join hands with the many organizations serving the needs of business and healthcare in our local markets and abroad. We are constantly seeking new employer partners to ensure Nexus students are well-served by our programs, all in an effort to serve your educational development and future career needs. Ask if your employer is a Nexus Education Partner.